Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Makes another appearance ahead of official launch

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Spotted on Korean Website

Launched at the Mobile World Congress in April, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still being felt out by new owners.

But word is a new version of this phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, appears to have hit the market.

Well, at least in Korea. Many believe a phone branded as the SM-G906K which appears on the website of Korea’s Olleh TV is a version of the Galaxy S5 Prime.

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Prime-leakIt is listed as one of the devices that are able to offer access to Olleh TV’s services.

Though Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is not openly mentioned on the site, the SM-G906K is thought to be the version of this gadget meant for the Korean market. Images of the smartphone show it in a Spigen, making it impossible to deduce what features it has.

This phone’s only know feature adds are a QHD screen and a metal chassis.

These are largely meant to appease customers who feel that the S5 lacked a real wow factor in its design.

And perhaps try and steal a march on the LG G3 and other competitors.

Besides a few tweaks in the specs on offer, the S5 did not offer any significant design changes from its predecessor the S4.

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5 have a lot to shout about: enhanced battery life, a bigger, clearer screen plenty of memory and oodles of processing power from a 2.5HZ quad-core CPU.

The biometrics of the S4 have also been fluffed up.

However, put the S5 side by side with the Sony Xperia Z2 or the HTC One M8 and you will immediately notice the design deficiencies.

The metal unibody of the M8 put it head and shoulders above Samsung’s flagship model. The LG 3’s QHD display has left rivals floundering in its wake.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise to see Samsung rushing to push out a premium version of the S5 boasting these features, deny it as the Korean electronics giant’s CEO may.

The official release date for the S5 Prime is said to be June but this may be pushed back to July if rumours of issues with the manufacture of the QHD display are true.

Many are wondering why Samsung is insistent on tweaking an already excellent display that has been lauded as the ‘best performing smartphone screen’ by analysts.

Perhaps Samsung should have shown a bit more faith in its flagship phone and saved further feature adds for the S6.

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