Nvidia Files Patent Lawsuit in the US Against Qualcomm and Samsung

Brace yourselves, Samsung fans, your favorite handsets could soon be off the shelves. Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 4, Note pro, Note Edge, S5, Tab and Tab S may soon become unavailable for sale in the US if the lawsuit filed by Nvidia against the Korean electronics giant is successful.

Not only does the Santa Clara firm want to see all shipment of the above devices into the United States stopped, it wants to be reimbursed for up to 7,000 patents it claims have been violated by Samsung.

Nvidia claims up to 7,000 patents it had issued or were pending relating to the graphics processing unit (GPU) which it innovated were infringed by the phone maker.

Samsung will not be the only big company to fall victim to Nvidia patent claims; three years ago chip making firm Intel agreed to pay over one billion dollars in an out of court settlement rather than fight out the patent wars in court.

And these two are not the only ones; British firms ARM Holdings and Imagination Technologies are having their chips looked over to see if they borrowed any patented technologies without asking. Samsung uses technology from these two firms under license. Yet Nvidia claims to not be the litigious type.

Despite court documents showing that Nvidia does not like to make a habit of suing people, they are asking ITC to “…block all shipments of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablets containing Qualcomm’s Adreno, ARM’s Mali or Imagination’s PowerVR graphics architectures.”

The figure is yet to be disclosed, but the GPU manufacturer is claiming damages from the “infringement of our patents”.

The suit, filed by Nvidia in a Delaware court, will not be particularly amusing to Samsung given that it just launched the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge in the IFA trade show held in Berlin which winds up in the next few hours.

But Samsung is an old hand in patent suits; over the past three years the South Korean firm has traded over 40 law suits with old rival Apple.

The two smartphone market leaders recently sat together at a round table and signed an agreement to drop all lawsuits against each other that were outside the US.

This deal arguably worked to Samsung’s favor as the rulings so far had mostly ordered the Korean firm to pay its US rival hundreds of millions of dollars.

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