German Apple Store Workers Banned From Taking time off – September Launch For Iphone 6?

It has been reported by a German site for fans of Apple products that workers in Apple Stores in Germany have been barred from taking holidays in the month of September.

This has added fuel to the fire of speculation that the iPhone 6 will be launched in September. With Apple expecting an avalanche of customers upon release of the phone, it follows that the tech giant will want as many hands on deck as possible.

Speculation of a September release date has been further fuelled by the fact that previous flagship smartphones from Apple, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5, were both launched on the same month.

It could be argued, however, that the product in question could be the iWatch or an updated iPad, and not the highly anticipated phone. But the above indicators rule out this possibility. And if anything, word on the street is that the iPhone 6 and the iWatch might be launched simultaneously.

This news from Germany coincides with the proliferation of leaked images of mock-ups of the phone alongside 3D renders of its design. The images confirm earlier reports of the phone having a 4.7-inch screen; much bigger than the 4.0 inches its predecessor had.

In fact there is speculation that Apple will release two versions of the iPhone 6: the 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch version.

These reports were backed by respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who also put his weight behind the suggested September launch of the phone.

He predicted that the iPhone would be released late in the third quarter of 2014.

Besides the larger screen, the leaked images suggest that the iPhone 6 will feature other design changes.

It will see Apple ditch the harder edges of the iPhone 5S in favour of more rounded ones similar to those on the iPhone 3S.

Further information leaks indicate that the iPhone 6 will measure a super-slim 7.0mm in width. Perhaps this design move was prompted by the more curvy and hand-friendly design of the HTC One which won it plaudits from tech mag editors.

Photos leaked from China further imply that the iPhone will join the bandwagon of waterproof smartphones.

With reports of Apple plans to produce 80 million units of their flagship smartphone, the Cupertino-based electronics conglomerate will be hoping that the expected influx of buyers to Apple stores will materialise.

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