Nokia Lumia 930 finally with grasp of users

 Nokia Lumia 930 Price & Availability

Nokia’s long awaited flagship phone, the Lumia 930 is finally within the grasp of users with a release date of 9th June having been leaked. Unlocked Mobiles has lead the way in taking orders for the phone which is set to ship on the 1st of July.

The online mobile phone retailer has set a price of £524.98 for the device.

Other retailers have not officially began taking pre-orders but some like Expansys have put up the phone in their ‘coming soon’ section.

The electronics retailer has put it up with a price of £479.99. other vendors have announced their intention to avail the phone for pre-order though they haven’t yet announced a price.

These include Phones 4U and Carphone Warehouse. Initially the device will be available only in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America before going on sale in other parts of the world.

Following the trend of prices of the device in Germany, users would have expected prices to begin at £500 as at the beginning of this month (May). Meanwhile, a site Belgian site claims that the phone will retail in the country’s stores at an astonishingly low €499 (£404).

But experts see this as a special price Microsoft could be offering Belgium as sales of the Windows operating system there have been strong.

Upon placing your order for the Lumia 930 you can expect a steep upgrade in features from the Lumia 925. For one you will be looking at a bigger screen with far sharper images.

While the 925 had a 4.5-inch screen boasting 768×1280 pixels, the new and improved 930 comes with a 5-inch screen and a 1080×1920 pixel full HD display.

The camera is significantly improved as well; the Lumia 930 comes mounted with a 20 MP camera at the back which is capable of high quality video.

The 925 came with an 8 MP camera. Underneath the casing, there is a huge change in processing power with the 930’s CPU offering processing speeds of 2.2GHz, a significant improvement on the 1.5GHz of its predecessor. There is a RAM upgrade of 1GB as well.

While other phone makers fret on how to make their devices slimmer and sleeker, the 930 seems to fly in the face of such concerns.It is heavier than the 925 by some margin and thicker by more than one millimetre.

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