Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Off To a Runner

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Off To a Runner

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is here with us, something we thought we’d never say given all the sporty features the original S5 came with.

The Samsung S4 Active introduced features such as water resistance that were not on the S4 but now that the S5 could survive being submerged and sported a heart rate monitor, would there be a need for an S5 Active?

Apparently Samsung thought so, hence their decision to put out this more rugged and hardy version of the S5.

galaxy-active-image-2So how much does this device differ from the original S5?

Well, as we mentioned the exterior of the S5 Active is more hardy-looking than its predecessor. Instead of the single, elegant home button at the bottom of the screen, you will find three buttons in textured plastic.

This is one of the features that has been retained from the S4 Active. Gone with the S5’s home button is the fingerprint scanner. But before you write it off as an ugly step sister to the S5, take a closer look at the S5 Active’s screen.

You will notice that it is sharper than the one on an S5.

galaxy-active-image3According to a feature done on the Active by TK Tech News, the resolution on the two screens is the same in theory, but there is an obvious difference when you look at the two screens side by side. Another difference you will notice on the exterior is the metal casing the S5 Active comes with.

This is a departure from the usual plastic backing which Samsung has come in for a lot of bashing about.

There is a slight upgrade in the Snapdragon processor with a slightly newer version of the CPU being made available in the Active. In terms of internal memory, things remain more or less the same.

Also unchanged is the 16 MP camera at the back of the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active will be launched on June 12th in New York during a press review and should be in the UK by the end of June. Last year saw the S4 Active and Mini launched at a similar event.

After release experts suggest that it will have an asking price of £550 so you’d better start saving.

But the experts also said that the price will probably drop to less than £500 once more and more units become available.

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