New images of the Iphone 6 have Apple fans in hope for imminent release

This past week has seen the leaked images of the latest iPhone begin to infiltrate the websphere

This is nothing new, and it seems the release of any highly anticipated new smartphone model is heralded by a suffusion of unauthorised images of the phone’s mock-up.

Well the images, leaked through and said to be from China, show the dummy version of the iPhone 6 side by side with the iPhone 5S.

While there is good reason to doubt the authenticity of the images, given China’s reputation for knock-offs, we all know that Apple has a sizeable operation in China.

Besides, previous leaks from the same source have proved fairly accurate.


Probably the most notable modification is the increase in size of the screen and the proportionate increase in length.

The hotly anticipated new iPhone also features more rounded edges that call to mind the original iPhone.

The iPhone 6’s screen is a not-too-insignificant 0.7 inches wider (and will reportedly have a sharper resolution) than the 5S and, it must be said, noticeably slimmer.

Among some of the design changes that have brought about the new iPhone’s sleeker, more media-friendly looks are a brand new volume button and a different approach to the layout of the speaker and port at the base of the device.


One of the images shows the two phone stacked on top of each other and the difference in thickness is quite telling. iPhone fans will wonder what these changes will translate into in terms of the weight of the phone and its overall portability.

One of the photos shows the iPhone 6 submerged in water, seeming to suggest that the device, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2 range, is waterproof.


This feature will be a first on an iPhone, should it be included in the officially launched product.


Another feature iPhone geeks will be happy to see on the iPhone 6 they order will be the lock button on the right side of the device.

The dummy images indicate that unlike its predecessor, the iPhone 6’s lock button will be positioned where it can be more readily powered off with one hand.

Among the features that appear to have been sacrificed for the sexier looks is the dual-LED camera flash which the iPhone 5S boasted.

You might well get used to the look of Apple’s latest mobile handset as the closeness of the 3D renderings and the shape of the mock-up suggest that this will be its final look.



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