Official UK Pre-orders Begin on HTC One in Red

Have you been hoping you could get your hands on HTC’s flagship smartphone, the HTC One M8 in a more playful and fun colour other than the business-like grey?

Well, after initially being made available only to Taiwan customers, the red HTC One M8 is now available for pre-order to those in the UK who desire it. The same store that stocked the blue version of this phone, Mobile Fun, now have the red M8 ready for those who would like something a touch more conspicuous.

The exact date when the phones will land in the UK is as yet unknown though it is said to be pretty soon. But if you want to be sure of getting the device in this attractive new colour you can place your order now for £549 and as soon as they’re ready for delivery you’ll get your bright red HTC.

htc-one-redA champagne/rose gold version of the phone will be in the market soon should blue, red and silver not tickle your fancy. And there is a lighter version of the standard dark silver casing (referred to by marketers as ‘glacial silver’).

Whichever colour you order your One M8 in you will be thrilled by its look and feel. The brushed metal effect gives the device just the right amount of texture.

The HTC One M8 has been praised by tech mag editors and others in the mobile industry for its deft combination of silky good looks and real processing power. Many wondered, after last year’s HTC One blew critics and users away with its gorgeous shape, whether the Taiwan-based firm could top such an achievement.

Looking at the curved aluminium chassis and huge 5 inch screen, it’s hard to argue that they haven’t. Its smooth metallic appeal rhymes nicely with its 9.35mm thickness and 160 grams to leave the user feeling like they’re really holding a top of the range phone. The sharp 1080p screen makes it a joy to operate the phone as well as view images and video on it.

Looks aside, this phone offers you plenty of storage space with the built in 16/32 GB memory.

And unlike its predecessor, the M8 comes with a microSD slot that allows you to bump up the phone’s memory to 128 GB. The RAM weighs in at a pretty decent 2GB and the Quad-core 2.3GHZ processor offers impressive performance.

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