Samsung Galaxy S5 Marketing Campaign Continues

It’s been just about a month since the Samsung Galaxy S5 hit the market and so far we can safely say that the flagship phone is doing well.

It has sold over 11 million units, surpassing the S4, its predecessor by over a million units after its first month of sales.

But even with the solid performance of the phone, Samsung still continue to pump millions into promoting their flagship smartphone.

Look at the recent ad that promotes both the phone and the S Gear. Samsung are clearly keen to show how the phone can help a person maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The 30-sec ad shows people jogging and checking their heart rate using the health app the S5 comes with. It seems Samsung are keen on showing how easily the S5 can fit into one’s life and make things more convenient while highlighting some of the phone’s key features.

With the great features and specs on the S4, one would have thought Samsung would struggle to top such a phone, but the S5 has managed to harness the strengths of its predecessor and enhance them.

The S Health app which the ad highlights is an improved version of what you’ll find in the S4 and also geared towards helping you stay in shape is a built-in heart rate monitor at the back of the phone.

In terms of performance, no stone is left unturned; everything is faster and better in the S5. Processing power jumps from 1.6 to 2.5GHz thanks to an improved CPU.

The camera is also faster and more responsive. Although the S4 had quite an impressive camera, the S5’s is much more superior and recently trounced rivals like the Sony Xperia Z2 and the HTC One M8 in a blind camera test.

The design of the phone was also tweaked to give users a slightly bigger 5.i-inch screen with sharper images and the phone is dust and water resistant. For those who feel the S5 looks cheaper than the metal-backed LG G3 and HTC One, Samsung have announced plans for a premium version of the S5 which will have an aluminium casing.

The S5 Prime will also have even sharper images thanks to its QHD screen. With all the features the S5 packs, it’s easy to see how Samsung can keep coming up with ads that highlight specific features like the one recently uploaded on Youtube.

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