Samsung Galaxy S5 Now Available in Gold

Samsung fans have been gobbling up the Galaxy S5 since it was launched with sales for the first month clocking in at an impressive 11 million units.

This represents a 10% improvement on the numbers of the S4 which was released last year.

While the phone is powerful and has a captivating, clear 5.1 inch, critics complained about the plastic casing giving what was meant to be a flagship phone a cheap feel. But this did not deter buyers from placing orders, enabling Samsung to surpass predicted first-month sales by 1 million.

The Korean giant’s smartphone sales have taken a battering of late as competitors in the industry strive to match each other feature for feature. But the S5 appears to be steering Samsung back to the summit of the mobile market.

For loyal Samsung customers or those who cannot live without the great features the phone offers, but can do without the mediocre casing, Three UK has provided a nice middle ground.

The tech firm is now offering the S5 in a sleek gold casing that was previously the preserve of Vodafone subscribers. You can choose from gold and a few other colour options while paying the same price as those who buy it in its standard white.

Those who want more sophistication than the colour variations can offer need to keep their ears cocked for the release of the premium version of the Galaxy S5.

This phone, to be christened the S5 prime or S5 Active, will come with a real metallic casing and an even clearer Quad-HD screen. The chassis of the S5 Prime will be made of solid aluminium and not the much-maligned plastic.

From the leaked images of this soon-to-come version of the S5, the looks are significantly improved.

Samsung has obviously plucked a leaf from the HTC handbook in view of the high praise the One and the One M8 have garnered for their design.

The curved, brushed metal casing of these phones had analysts falling over themselves to laud the Taiwanese phone maker. LG’s flagship G3 phone, from the leaked images, will also have the metallic finishing as will the iPhone 6 we’ve been hearing so much about.

Premium looks for a premium phone seems to be the reasoning behind the design decisions, and for a £500+ phone, users should expect more than the plastic look the S5 offers.

The gold casing might however help appease some buyers.

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