Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime a Metal Bodied Handset?

It seems Samsung has finally sat up and taken notice of the critics who have lambasted the Korean electronics firm for the ‘cheap plastic’ finish it has given to its last few flagship smartphones.

Leaked images have flooded the Web of a Samsung Galaxy S5 that’s had its fashion sense readjusted. It has been common knowledge for a while now that Samsung have been planning to release a premium version of the S5. This S5 spinoff, dubbed S5 Prime, would put the phone in contention with the more stylish offerings of Samsung’s rivals, particularly the much-vaunted HTC One M8.

The brushed metal finish of the M8 blew away tech mag editors and users alike with its elegance and handiness.

samsung-galaxy-s5-primeIn the quest to offer users a powerful phone at minimal production cost, it appears Samsung skimped on the design.

Seeking to redress this imbalance between performance and looks, it seems Samsung’s designers put their heads together to come up with the aluminium-coated S5 Prime.

The leaked images made available by PhoneArena, show a phone with a metallic side and back. The back cover is lined with groves pretty much like the standard S5 and with this in mind, some argue that the change has not significantly improved the S5’s looks. Juxtaposed against the sleek, lightly textured One M8, Samsung’s new and improved flagship still falls flat on its face.

Hardcore Samsung fans are not pleased that their favourite brand rushed to create a fluffed-up S5 when the phone was released just a month ago.

samsung-galaxy-s5-primeThey feel it’s an admission of weakness by Samsung. The irony is that even with the ‘cheap’ looks, the S5 is doing very well in terms of sales, surpassing last year’s S4’s volumes by a cool 1 million units.

But over and above a change of casing, word has it that the Prime has a few more enhancements up its sleeve. It will come with a QHD display that promises to make the crisp, clear images of the S5 even crisper and clearer.

As opposed to the 1080×1920 pixels the original S5 boasted, the Prime model will have a dazzling 2560×1440 display. It will also come with 3GB RAM, 1GB more than the standard S5.

Questions will still be asked if Samsung should really have bent over backwards to produce the metal cover, QHD upgrade or if they should have just dug in and saved the improvements for the Galaxy S6.

Time and sales will tell.

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