Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Going For Sleek Look

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Going For Sleek Look

After the ribbing the Samsung Galaxy S5 and previous Samsung smartphones have taken for its ‘cheap’, ‘plastic’ design, the Korean electronics giant has picked a leaf from HTC, which won a T3 award in the design category for its HTC One phone, and gone metal.

In leaked footage of the latest Samsung smartphone, the S5 Prime, it appears the phone maker has finally ditched the plastic casing in favour of aluminium. Images posted by Phone Arena show a 5.2-inch screen phone encased in an aluminium case whose back is lined with tiny groves.

A video uploaded on Youtube of the premium S5 (Active or Prime) shows a slightly thicker Samsung with a solid gold aluminium casing. Curiously, the reviewer of the phone in the video mentions that the side buttons are plastic.

However, the narrator was quick to point out that the device he was holding was not the official thing. What Samsung finally launch in June might be significantly different from what the leaked images suggest.

The prettier casing and slightly more sophisticated design is just one of a number of improvements the S5 Prime will make on the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5. Another noticeable enhancement is the slightly bigger screen (it is 5.2 inches as compared to the 5.1 inches of the S5).

prime-aluminiumThe screen also boasts a crisper resolution of 1440×2560, an improvement on an already clear 1080p display that you could comfortably view during the day. Looks aside, the processing power of the S5 Prime will be boosted by the introduction of a Snapdragon 805 CPU in place of its predecessor’s Snapdragon 801.

The phone will also come with an additional 1GB of RAM, bringing the internal memory to the 3GB competing handsets like the Sony Xperia Z2 also have.

We cannot tell from the images if the change in casing will come at the price of the water resistance feature of the S5. This, the dazzling screen and impressive battery life were among the features that enticed users to place orders.

One also hopes that the bloatware some users of the S5 lamented about will not reappear in the S5 Prime.

But at the very least Samsung will have rid itself of the reputation for using plastic on flagship smartphones.

However, you would be wise to postpone your excitement about the premium S5 until it is actually launch and you know for sure what will and will not be there.

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