Samsung Mobile Chief Announces Strong Figures for Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Mobile boss J.K. Shin recently confirmed that the South Korean firm’s flagship smartphone has sold 10 percent more units than its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 did last year. Launched in April, the S5 has sold 11 million units so far which is a record for Samsung.

The strong sales should put the company on course for improved profit margins, Shin also indicated. This will be good news for shareholders as profits were stagnating after the release of the S4.

Now the company is primed to reclaim a bigger slice of the mobile market pie from iPhone and other rivals. First quarter reports revealed that Samsung had ceded considerable market share to competitors, the most it had in the past four years.

But with the impending launch of the iPhone 6 and the LG G3, analysts predict slimmer margins for Samsung in the near future.

Perhaps this is why, in the face of persistent criticism for its plastic design, the mobile giant fired its head of mobile design, Chang Dong-hoon. Samsung went a step further to hastily put together a prime version of the S5 which should be in the market by June.

This phone, dubbed Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, does away with the much-maligned plastic casing, replacing it with aluminium to give the phone a more premium feel. It also comes with a clearer QHD screen.

Nevertheless the practicality and power of the Galaxy S5 appear to have endeared it to mobile phone users, a point that Shin was keen to reiterate, “It may not have eye-popping technology, but the features are practical.”

A feature that smartphone users have long been clamouring for is longer battery life. The S5 answers this plea by offering a feature that allows 10% of battery life to keep the phone alive for 24 hours.

Having received numerous phones ruined by liquid spills at its service centres, Samsung added water resistance to the S5’s list of features.

You could also argue that Samsung had an eye on Japanese rival Sony’s waterproof Xperia Z2.

Practicality aside, the S5 also shines in aesthetics, boasting a 5.1 inch screen with sharp images offered by a 1080×1920 display.

The device also comes with a 16 MP camera that recently gave more illustrious opponents a bloody nose in a recent blind camera test.

A Quad-core 2.5GHz processor and 2GB of RAM assure users of fast response times.

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