Iphone 6 Demand Delays iPad Pro

The iPhone 6 has exceeded even Apple’s expectations in terms of sales with orders of over 10 million being services within just three days of the phone being put up on store shelves.

The ferocious demand for the latest iPhone and especially its bigger version, the iPhone 6 Plus, has forced the Cupertino-based firm to reconsider the mass-production date for the iPad Pro, the latest of its tablets.

The high demand for the iPhone 6 Plus phablet has contributed to a stagnation in demand for Apple’s tablets.

It has also put pressure on production and Apple is not sure it can meet raging demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and still be able to make enough iPad Pros to go around. Add to that the design issues of the iPhone 6 Plus (you must have heard about the tendency of the device to bend when stored in the pocket) which received a lot of media attention and you have significant grounds for caution.

Launch of the iPad will still go ahead as planned at an Apple event in California but the device will not be produced en masse on December as earlier projected.

The iPad Pro will be churned out in earnest in 2015, though a precise date is yet to be announced. It is believed though that this stage of iPad Pro production will be realized during the first quarter of 2015. This is what the Wall Street Journal is reporting, backing a claim made by Bloomberg back in August.

Apple apparently plan to lift the curtain on a number of exciting new goodies besides the highly anticipated 12.9-inch tablet.

An iPad Mini is also set for release in the event, besides an upgraded version of the Mac OS. As it is Apple has sent out invitations to the event which bear the tagline “It’s been too long”.

People who have their paws on the iPhone 6 Plus will have noticed that the icons are of visibly higher resolution than that of the display itself.

This feature is expected to be extended to the new iPad. Also expected to be seen in the new iPad is a split-screen multitasking mode.

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