Shopping By Smartphone On The Rise For Christmas

Nearly 90% of shoppers let their fingers do the shopping for the Christmas season last year, a recent survey suggests.

This represents a significant climb in mobile shopping figures with each shopper being estimated to have done about £245 worth of shopping using their handheld devices.

But even with these shopping figures from last year totalling up to a whopping £4 billion on mobile shopping only, analysts say that this is but the beginning of an expected upward surge in mobile shopping trends.

This is in light of such developments as the Apple Pay system introduced in tandem with the iPhone 6. The system allows users of iPhones to pay for their shopping by tapping their phone against a pay point in much the same way you swipe your credit or debit card.

The ease with which we can find information on anything through our mobile devices connected to the Internet has contributed greatly to the rise of mobile shopping.

Even a good number of those who participated in the survey who did not use their mobile device to shop said that they used their phones to gather ideas for what they should buy.

And that’s not all, even while shopping, over 60% of the people interviewed said that they used their smartphones to compare prices of products.

Of these, a small number, just over 20%, used a specific app to do their comparison shopping.

With figures like these, there is huge pressure for retail outlets and other companies offering consumer goods to get with the mobile program. Management of these companies have to device sound mobile campaigns or risk being swept aside by more tech-savvy competition.

The £250 or so per person spent in 2013 will serve as a benchmark and serious companies will want to make sure that it is built on in the years to come.

Though they will want consumers to walk in through the doors and do their shopping the old-fashioned way, they will not mind increasing the number of people who can browse through their catalogue online, see something they like, and place an order directly.

Wise companies will see the humongous opportunity that mobile is presenting in shopping and will want to ride the mobile wave into healthier profits

If you can enable your customers to shop without carrying their card they might be tempted to spend more.

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