Google’s New Android Operating System To Have New Name?

We have all been following the progress and developments surrounding the Android L, the newest version of Google’s popular mobile operating system with keen interest.

Since Google launched this new OS back in summer during its IO Developer conference in San Francisco, there has been a fair amount of furore surrounding that L.

What does it stand for?

While some reported that Google’s latest platform was named Lion in full, others said it was Lollipop.

But the argument appears to have been put to bed by one of the people involved in naming Android versions (wish I had such a job!).

In a post on his Google+ account, Giovanni Calabrese said “I never had a great liking for Licorice, but damn! there are some great flavors out there!” The tech community appears to be taking these remarks as an indication that Android 5.0 will come bearing the name Licorice.

Besides the name, there is plenty of stuff people want to see in the latest Android iteration. One of these hotly anticipated features is the ‘Material Design’ feature which promises to revolutionise the way people interact with Android devices.

Another feature promised by the Android L that will pique the interest of users is the ability to respond to notifications received directly from the lock screen without having to navigate to the source application that brought the message. But that’s not all; your device will last significantly longer before running out of juice if you upgrade to Android L.

This is thanks to a move to Android Run Time (ART) which results in more efficient battery usage.

The support for wearables is another plus the new Android brings.

You won’t need to reach for your phone when you need to unlock the screen; you can unlock the screen from your watch. And it’s just not in the hardware compatibility department that the new OS shines; Google has rejigged the Google+ app so that it incorporates the new Material Design interface.

This new touch to the app makes it a joy to work with photos and gives it a whole new layout and feel.

You can go to the Google Play Store right now and get the upgraded Google+ app and see what a difference the Material Design makes.

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