Google Hoping Shamu Will Kill Off Phablet Competition

The Wall Street Journal has just given us word on Google’s first foray into the phablet world.

The publication says that the Internet giant will be debuting a smartphone with a 5.9-inch display in the coming few days.

Put together by Motorola Mobility, the device will easily be the biggest Nexus phone in the market and has been given the codename ‘Shamu’. Not only will it be the biggest of the Internet search company’s phones, it will tower over other phablets.

The recently released iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s answer to the bigger-is-better craze, measures 5.5 inches.

The latest in the Samsung Galaxy Note range, the Note 4, boasts a 5.7-inch screen which is still slightly smaller than the one of the Google phone.

So much for the doomsayers who predicted low demand for phablets thanks to their unwieldy size.

Many people find them ideal not just or getting work done on the go, but also because of the entertainment value they provide. With a couple of good movies or an engrossing game you or your kids can kill the hours during a long train ride or road trip.

There was a time, not too long ago when phablets made up a pitiful 1% of the total shipments of the smartphones sent out to customers.

Two short years later and the figure is up to 24%.

This indicates a change in the usage of mobile devices as well as a general growth in the number of people with access.

Besides the size difference, the Shamu will give its rivals a serious run for their money because of its pocket friendly price.

This smartphone cannot compare to the highly priced iPhone 6 Plus which is upwards of £620, and you will still have to work within the confines of iOS. The Shamu is targeted at the emerging markets so you can expect prices to be more focused on this niche.

People in these parts of the world will be pleased with the product Google is offering them. It has been found that they use phablets as computers to get things done instead of having to go into an Internet cafe or fire up a desktop.

Now that the company has hedged its bet on a bigger phablet, we will have to wait and see whether other phone makers will follow suit to give themselves an edge.

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