Thermal Imaging Comes To Iphone With New App Launch

If you’ve watched one of those Discovery Channel features on nocturnal animals, you’re no doubt familiar with thermal imaging. Even if you haven’t you’ve probably watched a military-themed movie where you’ve seen them used.

If those binoculars that boast this feature have ever fascinated you, you need to get your hands on an iPhone. Owners of this Apple device will be able to make use of a little bit of hardware called Seek Thermal to see in the dark.

Once hooked up to your iPhone via the Lightning port, this device will turn your smartphone into a thermal imaging camera.

If you’re interested to know the nuts and bolts of it all know that it uses a vanadium oxide microbolometer and a chalcogenide lens to accomplish the effect.

While movie buffs and pranksters will no doubt love to use this feature to generate a laugh at some poor victim’s expense, one has to wonder whether thermal imaging serves any real purpose in the lives of ordinary phone users.

But its defenders say that being able to see what’s in your surroundings in the dark (and even in daylight beyond opaque objects) can help you see danger and protect yourself.

Being more aware of your surroundings in, say, a dark basement parking, helps you identify danger in good time to make an exit. At least in theory it will. And there are other useful purposes for having a phone equipped with thermal imaging.

You could use it to find out a source of weak insulation in your house and help you and your family stay nice and warm.

When having that family barbecue you can now check the temperature on your grill without having to be close to it.

Well the jury is out on just how urgent a need it is to know how hot your grill is when cooking. What will be undoubtedly important for everyone interested in this little gadget that equips you with military capabilities is how much it costs.

The short answer is two hundred dollars, which works out to a little bit over 120 pounds.

If it sounds like a lot to you remember that the initial thermal imaging case cost £100 more than this new version of the hardware.

iPhone 6 Plus owners looking to add this functionality to their handsets will have spent close to £1,000.

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