HTC One M8 Eye Pics Released

The leaks experts Evleaks have been at it and this time they bring us images of HTC’s latest smartphone the One M8 Eye.

Alongside the images, promotional documentation for the phone has been released ahead of schedule, giving potential buyers a good idea of what’s in store for them both on the exterior of the phone and beneath the cover.

Unsurprisingly there are plenty of similarities with HTC’s high-flying flagship phone, the HTC One M8.

From the leaked pictures you can see the curved shape and brushed metal finish on the One M8 Eye’s casing. It seems the Taiwanese phone maker has found a winning formula and wants to stick to it. The front-facing Boomsound speakers are also just as they appear in the One M8.

Users of this phone can therefore look forward to the meaty sound that makes playing media on the M8 so much fun.

Flipping the One M8 Eye over users will find the dual-lens camera that will enable them to take better shots in low-light conditions like owners of the HTC One M8.

Still on the camera, the HTC One M8’s UltraPixel snapper will replaced in the One M8 Eye by a 13 MP camera. In theory this should result in sharper images.

HTC seems to be investing heavily in mobile photography, hopefully the phone maker won’t live to regret the move like Nokia did when it put out the PureView series. According to the leaked documentation the new HTC smartphone will have a slightly bigger screen.

The One M8 Eye will boast a 5.2-inch display, a tad bigger than the One M8’s 5.0-inch screen. Resolution-wise though there will be nothing between the two phones as they will both have a 1080p display.

Word is that in the event where the One M8 Eye will be unveiled HTC will also be debuting another long-awaited phone, the Desire Eye.

Besides the bigger display, the Desire Eye will also come with dual SIM card slots. Like the HTC One M8 the Desire Eye will pack 2 GB of RAM and 32 gigs of internal memory. And on top of the 13 MP rear camera, the front-facer will also be 13 MP.

Talk about crystal clear selfies!

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