Users Frustrated By Latest Apple Update

The newest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 8, is turning out to be a monster.

Users with this new platform are having to clear out media from their phones and tablets to create the 5.8 GB of space the system requires.

A disappointed user tweeted that the “update would be great if you didn’t have to delete half of the stuff on your phone just to install it.”

Besides the space issue, there was a bug introduced by iOS 8 to the new health app that forced Apple to do away with the apps that run with the HealthKit service. The service will be restored when the California-based firm finally sorts out the issue.

Those who have been using Apple devices for a while will be familiar with these so-called ‘teething problems’.

When upgrading to iOS 6 a few years back, Apple users noticed that some apps disappeared or would not work and after installing iOS 7, messages and photos in some phones were lost.

But even with this negative air floating about the new version of iOS, there are still a number of positives.

When the Health app and the HealthKit service are finally running as they should, they will consolidate data from third party apps to present you with important data about your state of health and steps you need to take to improve it.

There is also the assurance given by Apple CEO Tim Cook himself that user data on iOS 8 devices is safe and would never be handed over to other parties, even the government.

This reassurance comes in the wake of the controversial leaking of nude images of celebrities through iCloud, Apple’s storage service.

Regarding the issue of space, it might not as serious as some users are making it out to be.

If you make the upgrade through iTunes on a computer, you won’t need to free up as much space as if you install it directly to your phone or iPad.

And then again, much of the space you free up is made available again after the operating system has been installed.

Other problems that crop up when upgrading may simply be down to many users requesting files from the same server at the same time. So instead of going for the upgrade immediately it’s released, wait for a day or two.

The traffic to the servers will be lower then.

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