Lines Expected at Apple Stores

Queues of iPhone fans were widely expected as the new iPhone 6 and its taller brother the iPhone 6 Plus went on sale.

However, the lines for this hotly anticipated flagship phones were unlike anything witnessed with previous flagships, even the popular iPhone 5S. People waited patiently in line for as many as 19 days to lay their hands on the newest iPhone in NYC.

Others went as far as buying first spot in the line for thousands of dollars. Usually Apple rewards the folks at the front of the queue with a free phone and that happened in Santa Monica where the diehard at the front of the line was awarded a free iPhone 6 Plus with 128 GB.

A survey of the queue at the landmark Apple store in Santa Monica revealed that this year’s queue was twice as long as the one observed there last year.

Anticipating steep demand, Apple decided to take pre-orders for these phones a week in advance, but still this did not avert the snaking lines.

Most people asked were found to be keener on the bigger iPhone than the one with the 4.7-inch screen. They are fascinated by the functionality which the 6.6-inch screen phablet is able to bring in addition to the features of a smartphone.

The ability to do stuff they would ordinarily do on their tablet on their phone is a particular attraction. One person waiting in line admitted he was looking forward to being able to watch video on his phone without having to squint at the screen like he does on his iPhone 5.

Another said he saw the iPhone 6 Plus as a replacement for the iPad.

The high demand for the bigger iPhone 6 have seen comparisons being drawn to the gold iPhone 5S.

There is a fear that demand far will outstrip supply as people opt for the bigger, sharper display and longer battery life offered by the iPhone 6 Plus. People flew into the United States from as far as Brazil and Hong Kong to join the queue at Apple stores in the US.

For them it was better than placing an order and waiting for up to a month to get their new iPhone 6. Furthermore, if they ordered their devices from their home countries it would have cost them up to 3 or 4 times as much.

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