Covent Garden Store Sees Record Crowds

With the high anticipation for the newest iPhone reaching fever pitch following the phone’s launch, it was no surprise that there were queues of people hoping to get their hands on the device before it went out of stock.

But no one would have thought that thousands would wait in line, some for days, for the moment the flagship phone would go on sale.

In the UK capital, well over a thousand people braved the morning chill and a bit of rain to get the first iPhone 6 handsets that went on sale in the Covent Garden Apple store. Seeing the magnitude of the demand the new iPhone had inspired, the Apple store limited buyers to a maximum of two phones.

The first in line was rewarded with a gold-coloured handset which he triumphantly held aloft as he walked out of the store

“I’ve been queuing since Sunday…I’m absolutely ecstatic that my efforts have been rewarded.

I’m a winner,” he said as he made his way to friends to celebrate. He had been waiting in line for two solid days.

The second buyer after him was Jameel Ahmed, a student. He had been queuing for an entire day and endured the elements but he could not hide his joy. “[there was] a bit of rain but [I] managed to stay undercover. It’s amazing to finally have it in my hands.” Unlike the Sam Sheikh, the first in line, he had owned an iPhone but missed out on the iPhone 5S gold. This fuelled his determination to get his hands on the new iPhone 6 first.

These two were not the only ones who had sacrificed comfort to be ahead in the line for the latest iPhone.

18 year-old Elias Bashan flew in from Norway to the UK just to have a crack at owning this smartphone. And this was not the first time he had travelled to buy an iPhone: “I know when I get mine I’ll want to sleep but I’m sure to test it out first…last time I went to Paris. It was crazy [then]…people were screaming, getting pushed into barriers.”

Which is not to say that the demand for the iPhone 6 is lower than for the iPhone 5S. In fact, it has been observed that this year’s queues are longer than those that were seen when the iPhone 5 came out.

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