Apple iPhone 6 Goes On Sale Around The World

After what feels like years of speculation and rumors Apple fans finally got the chance to buy the iPhone 6 at several Apple stores around the world when it went on sale on Friday morning.

Few could hide their excitement as they waited for the doors to swing open so that they could get their hands on the bigger smartphones that were revealed earlier this month during a launch event that also saw the unveiling of the iWatch.

While Android users have been enjoying 5-inch plus screens for over years now, Apple diehards have had to wait until now to own a device with a screen bigger than four inches.

For a long time the Palo Alto firm had clung to its small, chunky phone design, but all that has changed with the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are the thinnest phones ever produced by Apple and have the biggest screens.

Their displays measure 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively. Besides the improvements on the design, Appleā€™s latest flagship features a much better 8 MP camera at the back. Its battery also lasts much longer than those of previous models.

These drastically upgraded features have driven demand for the new iPhones through the roof. Even before the crowds outside Apple stores were seen, it was known that the tech giant would struggle to cope with demand as the level of pre-orders was already higher than expected.

As a result, delivery delays on orders are becoming the norm and those who have requested the iPhone 6 Plus will have to wait for up to a month longer. In total, over 4 million iPhones had been ordered in a single day.

In an attempt to serve queuing customers more efficiently, some Apple stores had installed a digital reservation system, but these were overwhelmed in a matter of hours in some parts of the US.

This left store staff with the task of manually checking stock levels every now and then to keep queuing clients updated. Not that the majority of queuing Apple fans minded; they were happy to be there during the historic moment and revelled in the prospect of getting the device before anyone else.

Some saw the queuing as part of an adventure, like two Brazilians who travelled all the way to Apple store in Sydney to buy the phone.

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