Sony Xperia Z2 v Xperia Z3 – Consumers Eye Differences

This year’s IFA saw many tech companies unveil new devices; Samsung launched the latest of the Note devices, the Galaxy Note 4, among other new products.

Japanese electronics giant Sony was not left behind and it used the occasion to bring out its newest flagship phone to the public. The Sony Xperia Z3 is the successor to the Xperia Z2 which was launched just a few months ago.

This move to follow up on the Z2 so quickly smacked of desperation on Sony’s part to keep up with the competition.

Even as leaks of the Z3’s features came out, many wondered what would really differentiate it from the Z2.

Here we’ll try and go over their features with a magnifying glass and see if there’s anything that will make Sony fans want to trade in their previous Xperia Z models for the latest one.

Starting with what the eye sees first, Sony seems to have taken another step towards tempering the boxish design of its handsets that some have complained is quite unwieldy.

The Xperia Z3 sports smoother, curvier edges than its predecessor, making it that much more easier to operate with one hand.

The new phone is also a touch slimmer and noticeably lighter than the previous Xperia Z iteration.

It weighs almost 10 grams less than the Z2 and is 1mm thinner. Some will inevitably complain that this robs the smartphone of its premium feel but some will be happy with a sleeker, less bulky phone.

Although the phone’s exterior is made primarily of glass and aluminium like the Z2, Sony’s latest flagship has a slight adjustment to better protect the phone against the impact of accidental falls.

The corners are made of nylon, painted with the same silver hue as the rest of the frame. According to Sony, this is the part of the phone that is most likely to hit the surface first.

If you were hoping for a leap into QHD or any other technology to improve on the 1080p display of the Z2, you will be disappointed. The 5.2-inch screen on the Z3 has exactly the same specs as the 5.2-inch display on the Z2. To see any difference you have to hold the Z3 up against the Z1.

Shutterbugs will be however delighted to hear of real improvements to the camera besides polished-up apps. Taking pics in low-light conditions will be greatly aided by the Z3’s ISO which can be ramped up to 12800. The phone also sports a higher capacity 25mm lens.

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