LG G3s Brings Pocket Amount Of Power

LG has released a smaller version of its 5.5-inch screen flagship LG G3, as the South Korean electronics firm announced it would back in July. A week ago during the IFA tech conference in the German capital, LG unleashed a series of new devices.

Besides the firm’s wearable answer to the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the G Watch R, there was the LG G3s. It is a scaled down G3 with a lower price tag so if you were still saving for the big one, you might want to grab its smaller cousin and spend your cash elsewhere.

Especially when you look at the phone’s spec list.

There really isn’t much to choose between the two G3s, size aside. One of the LG G3’s selling points was its QHD screen, which in theory should be four times as clear as an HD phone.

This has been proven to be not really the case, unless the phones HD screen was of 720p.

Reviewers who have compared the screens of the two phones have found that there’s really not that much of a difference.

This despite the fact that the bigger LG’s screen has a 564ppi pixel density while the s has a 294ppi. They insist that the display’s colours are almost as vivid and the details as sharp on the smaller phone as on the original G3.

Of course the lower resolution also means you will get more out of the 2540mAh battery as well.

With the design of the original G3 being retained almost down to a T, the s is similarly practically bezel-free, leaving you with plenty of screen to play around with.

When you flip the LG G3s over you will find that the smooth curved back cover has been retained as well.

This, combined with the smaller size, makes for a very handy phone. And a stylish one too; the phone is wrapped in the same metallic casing as its predecessor, giving it that premium feel.

The power and volume buttons are found on the back cover as well, meaning LG has decided to make this a feature of its smartphones.

If you love your selfies or simply love taking pictures then the camera figures for the new LG may make you balk.

Instead of the 13 MP rear camera of the original G3, you will get one of 8 MP. The front facer is a 1.3 MP snapper, down from the G3’s 2.1 MP.

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