Samsung Galaxy 6 Release Date & Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S5, launched in April, has had its time in the sun.

Its reception by mobile users and critics alike has been more or less warm with most agreeing that it passes the performance and usability test at the expense of its looks.

When it comes to sales, despite having performed better than its predecessor in the first month or so, the overall figures have been underwhelming given the aggressive marketing by Samsung and the projections laid out.

Faced by the impending release of the highly anticipated iPhone 6, the Korean tech firm is said to be keen to pull out all stops specs-wise with the S5’s successor.

Going by the release dates of the Galaxy S6’s predecessors, it is likely we will not see Samsung’s latest flagship phone until April 2015.

If we were to go by the fact that the S5 was launched at the Mobile World Congress event, the S6 could be seen earlier than that as next year’s MWC is scheduled for 2nd March.

But this is by no means assured as prior to the S5, Samsung traditionally launched its phones at its own events. 2015 is by no means far away in the fast-paced tech world and as it is speculation about the S6’s features has started.

So what can we expect from the S5’s baby brother? A brighter screen? Yes. A Super AMOLED with a resolution higher than the 1080×1920 of the S5 looks like a certain possibility.

There was a promise from Samsung that they will introduce a product with 3840×2160 resolution next year. It is not known if this will be the S6. There were hints that the S6 would come with a 2560×1440 screen, but now that the South Korean version of the S5 already has this resolution, it is likely that the S6 will have an even sharper display. And given the steady increase in screen size through its flagship phones, it wouldn’t be beyond Samsung to give the S6 a screen larger than the 5.1 inches of the S5.

Given the 4k display that the S6 seems destined to come with, the latest in the Galaxy series should also come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 or 810 processor.

With the new processor will come a new platform; Android 5L. Also due for an upgrade will be the S5’s camera which might be replaced with one of over 20 MP.

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