iPhone 6 Release Date Revealed?

Nowhereelse.fr has been known to supply tech geeks with pretty accurate leaks of upcoming devices.

The French website recently gave us a hint of what to expect from Apple’s upcoming flagship, the iPhone 6 when it posted images of mock-ups of the phone. These, it was claimed, were provided by workers in China’s Apple plants.

They appeared to back up information from other sources which forecasted the release of the smartphone in two screen sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Now another picture has been posted on Nowhereelse.fr which has dropped a huge clue as to the exact release date of Apple’s highly anticipated phone.

The website’s editor, Steve Hemmerstoffer, has uploaded images of what he purports to be the promotional artwork for the iPhone 6.

On the illustration of the smartphone, where Apple devices usually display the date and time, the date Tuesday September 9 is seen.

This has led to speculation that the new iPhone will be launched on this date. If this is indeed the case, this will back up reports of a big media event planned by Apple for the same date.

Speculators believe that the 9th of September will see the launch of the newest iPhone as well as that of Apple’s first wearable device, the iWatch

This is seen as Apple’s response to Samsung’s widely marketed gear wristwear and with LG set to launch their LG G Watch R next month, Apple would not want to delay their introduction of this device to the market.

A September launch date for the iPhone 6 would be in keeping with Apple device launches in the recent past since the first iPhone arrived 7 years ago.

You can depend on the information coming from Nowhereelse.fr as it is sourced from “trusted and loyal Chinese sources”, as Hemmerstoffer assures readers.

However, rivals have raised doubts about the accuracy and veracity of information from the Apple fan site. MacRumours has pointed out, for instance, that the font used in the touted promotional material is not what Apple usually uses.

Whatever the case, Apple fans can get excited about the features speculators say the iPhone 6 will come with. The significantly enlarged screen aside, the new iPhone will come with an impressive 64 GB of internal storage.

The smartphone will come loaded with the iOS 8 platform, launched just in June, which comes with such neat features as HomeKit which allows users to control their home devices by phone.

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