Apple Shares At All Time High

With the release of the iPhone 6 now just days away (it is expected to hit the market on the first week of September), excitement is in the air. And this excitement is transmitting itself into the bourse with Apple shares closing on an all-time high on Tuesday.

The tech giant’s shares jumped 1.4% for the day to close at $100.53, which is a high they’ve never seen if June’s 7-for-1 stock split is factored in. At midday the shares were trading at $100.68.

The only other time Apple’s shares have neared those levels is around the same time two years ago, when the iPhone 5 was hitting the streets.

The day the iPhone 5 actually went on sale the Apple share price rose to an unprecedented $100.72.
Since those heady days the share price has tumbled, more so in the wake of Steve Jobs’ replacement at the helm of the company he co-founded by Tim Cook following his death.

Besides news of the imminent arrival of the highly anticipated iPhone 6, news of the launch of Apple’s first wearable device is said to be increasing interest in Apple.

The arrival of the iWatch has also been said to play a part in excitement about the California-based computer firm. There is also the recent announcement by renowned investor Carl Icahn that he has held on to his Apple shares.

So what is it about the iPhone 6 that has got the world’s skirts in a knot? Many Apple fans are expected to upgrade from iPhone 5 and 4 to the iPhone 6 for a number of reasons, not least of which is the big leap in screen size.

Up to the iPhone 5, Apple believed its customers were not into the bigger-is-better craze.

The iPhone 5’s screen measured a modest 4 inches compared to its biggest rival the Samsung Galaxy S5 which is all of 5.1 inches. But it seems Apple has had a change of heart as the new iPhone will come in two screen sizes; 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Also gone will be the chunky body that has been an iPhone trademark since the iPhone 3.

The iPhone 6, if the leaked images and info are to be believed, will measure between just 6.7mm and 7.0mm in thickness. Beneath the slim body and dazzling display will be a massively upgraded engine that will run an iOS 8 platform.

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