LG’s latest smartphone makes a premature appearance

Following the hugely successful release of the LG G2, which restored LG to the grown-ups table of the high-end mobile phone market, the Korean electronics giant aims to cement its place there with the soon-to-be-released G3.

LG gave May 27 as the official launch date for this flagship phone, but as always, leaksters have given those who can’t wait a good idea of what to expect. The reputable evleaks have posted images of what look to be the finished product.

They are very close to the fleeting images of the 35-second teaser LG uploaded on Youtube to whet appetites and announce the G3 release date. From the shots on the promo the phone is enclosed in a sophisticated-looking metallic case with sleek curves.

lg-1The screen is deliciously large and the speaker looks like a miniature version of what you have on your home theatre.

The leaked images give a more detailed view of the phone’s features and from what is displayed you can’t help but feel that LG have landed another winner.

The design looks smooth and palm-friendly, much more elegant than the Samsung Galaxy S5; closer to what HTC have achieved with the stunning One M8.

The screen is certainly to die for; all of 5.5 inches and boasting sharpened images thanks to Quad-HD technology.

The resolution numbers are dizzying; a 2560×1440 display with a pixel density of 538 pixels per inch. Compare this with the 1080×1920 on flagship phones in the same niche such as the Sony Xperia Z2 and the S5.


This could be one of the features that help give LG’s latest smartphone a competing edge.

This and its price.

While an official price is yet to be announced, recent trends show that LG tends to try and lure buyers with slightly lower pricing than its more muscular rivals.

Another of the features the LG G3 will boast is the latest Snapdragon processor.

But while processing power might impress users, the 2GB RAM will be a bit of a disappointment to those looking at the Z2’s 3GB. Nevertheless, with the 5S and even the iPhone 6 operating on the same 2GB, it’s not that flimsy.

Funny thing is that there seems to be another version of the G3 with a 1080p screen which is said to have 3GB of memory.

Will LG buyers have to choose between memory and resolution? Let’s wait and see, launch is only six days away.


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