Nokia reports plans for £15 mobile phone

Today Finnish phone maker Nokia took another step towards securing its grip on the developing markets by introducing a phone that retails at only £15.

The Nokia 130, unlike flagship phones from rivals such as Samsung and Apple, is not aimed at the high end market.

In fact, it is aimed at those who are just buying their first phone.

The phone therefore focuses on the basics; you won’t find a crystal-clear 5-inch screen on the Nokia 130, the phone does not even boast touch-screen technology.

While you will be able to play back movies and listen to mp3 music on the device, you won’t be able to access the Internet on it.

Forget 3G, it does not even give access to GPRS networks.

So no browsing and no emails, no Facebook and no Twitter.

Access to these social networks is why many kids own a phone at all. But if your main aim is just to talk to someone or send them a text message, this new Nokia is ideal. A farmer looking to communicate with the buyers of his products or his workers or with suppliers of his seeds won’t need a fancy, delicate phone with oodles of features.

If you were out camping or at a music festival where you were roughing it, you wouldn’t want to risk your Galaxy S5 or iPhone getting damaged, lost or stolen. A hardy phone able to last a whole day without a recharge would be more to the point. And that’s what the Nokia 130 is. This device can go 36 days without a battery recharge on standby mode.

This means you can keep in touch with the rest of the world for the duration of your excursion without worrying that your battery will give out. Many would say this is incredibly good value for money you could spend in a restaurant in one sitting.

The features of the Nokia 130 don’t just stop at extra long battery life and the ability to play back video on a 160×128 resolution screen.

You can swap files with other Bluetooth devices as it is equipped with this wireless communication technology. And besides the Bluetooth 3.0, you can be able to communicate from two different network providers as it has dual-SIM versions. And if you were wondering where the video and songs would fit, the Nokia 130 has a microSD slot that can hold a card of up to 32GB.

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