Nokia announce One Month Battery Phone

Ever had to go offline because your smartphone suffered serious damage?

Or because your chosen brand has serious battery drain issues?

Worry no more; Nokia has a solution up its sleeves. And it’s a mighty cheap solution by all standards. At just £15 you can have that reliable second phone that will keep you reachable when your main phone gives out. And you need not worry about its battery life.

The Nokia 130 will be able to stay alive for a dizzying one month.

This is a feat the non-smart versions of Nokia will struggle to achieve, even those that only do calls and SMS. Yet the Nokia 130 can play movies.

According to research if you are the tenth person in a group, you are likely to damage your phone or lose it soon. A friend who has gone through a plethora of phones will be happy to know she’s not alone. If you by some unfortunate twist of fate are the ‘one in ten’, you seriously need to think about setting aside £15.

Even if you aren’t, you probably like me; frustrated at how many power top ups your smartphone needs just to make it through the day. Nokia’s new super-cheap device will go 36 days before giving you the low battery light. That is if you leave it on standby. If you use it for calls you can make hundreds of calls, over half a day of calls, before the battery gives out.

This is the camping or festival companion you’ve been dreaming of.

A hardy, long-life device that will let you stay in touch but which will not give you sleepless nights as you worry about it getting damaged. Even if it does, you only spent the money you could have used on a calling card on it.
Besides offering you days of battery life, the Nokia 130 comes with dozens of other features.

You will have up to 32 gigs, made available through its microSD slot, in which to store your movies or series.

According to the marketing guys, you can watch up to 48 episodes of your chosen series with the 16 hours of video playback offered by this new Nokia. You can also store thousands of songs in this space as it is capable of audio playback.

And it comes in three different colours; red, black and white.


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