HTC One M8 Max Set To Come With Snapdragon Processing Power

Last year’s HTC One Max proved to be quite a deviation, if not out and out improvement on the popular One M8.

It came with a significantly larger 5.9-inch screen and a battery that lasted longer than that of its predecessor.

Reviews of this addition to the One family were mixed. While it was praised for retaining a semblance of the attractive metallic look the latter versions of HTC boast, and for the slightly longer battery life, it has come in for some criticism.

Among the leading complaints about the Max is how difficult it is to handle given its size and the positioning of the BoomSound speakers. The huger screen also makes it slightly more difficult to interact with the phone and reduces the sharpness of the display to a noticeable extent.

Now there is word coming from the reliable-ish that a new and improved version of the M8 Max is in the pipeline. One of the other gripes reviewers had with the Max was that it came with an older processor than that on the One M8. This will reportedly be addressed by the new handset as it will come with a Snapdragon 805 processor, accompanied with more RAM (around 3GB).

The prime version of the Max will also be fitted with a more dazzling QHD screen to appease those who will have noticed the decline in screen sharpness in its predecessor.

Images of the new version of the One 8 Max were posted on the Twitter account showing it beside the significantly smaller HTC One M8. The photo shows both phones with the back cover facing up and from that angle they look very similar.

But closer inspection will reveal that while the original M8 has the aluminium unibody cover that magazine editors were gushing over, the bigger version of the phone has a removable back cover with a strip plastic running around it. What baffled many a reviewer is that while the cover is removable (and a touch cumbersome to replace), the battery itself is not.

The fact that the faster CPU and QHD screen have been brought out for 2014’s One Max smacks of a planned marketing move to please the specs-driven Asian market to some. Whether or not that is the case, the release of the new Max is well timed to counter the soon to be released iPhone phablet and Samsung’s Note 4.

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