Stream Your Life Online With Xperia Z2’s New App

You can now become the reality star you’ve always wanted to be thanks to Sony.

Among the gems in their new flagship phone, the Sony Xperia Z2 is an app that allows you to stream your daily activities and broadcast them to an eager audience on YouTube.

Whatever you aim the Z2’s camera will be transmitted live to viewers on your YouTube channel, giving the world a glimpse into what it takes to be how awesome you are.

You no longer have to tell grandparents how lovely their grandchild’s first birthday was.

They no longer have to wait for photos or the home video on DVD. They can share the excitement real time as if they were there themselves.

This feature will also come in handy for the growing vlogger population who would like to chronicle their life on the road or wherever for the benefit of their followers.

The beauty of this app is that it allows you not only to share your life with viewers in real time, it allows you to get their feedback in real time as well. You can watch the number of likes, or dislikes, growing minute by minute.

Some Sony smartphones already came with a feature that allowed users to record footage and upload it to YouTube at the touch of a button. Those familiar with the Social Live app will agree that the new app is a useful and powerful enhancement.

If you wanted to become an online teacher, there’s no better time to do it or tool to transmit your lessons live to your students. But Z2 is not the first or only Sony device capable of taking video and broadcasting it live online.

The PS 4 came with a similar feature which was meant to allow gamers to share the competitive joy of gaming live with fellow gamers across the globe.

But the feature, called Playroom, earned the Playstation 4 a bad reputation after some users began using it to broadcast unsavoury images that had nothing to do with video gaming. Just a week after the Playstation 4 was made available for purchase, Sony removed the app from the Playstation directory.

If you want a camera dedicated to chronicling the details of your life and does nothing else, the Narrative Clip might be more to your liking (if you can fork out $280).

It can be attached to whatever you’re wearing and will capture photos every 30 seconds.


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