Differences Between Samsung Galaxy Tab S & Sony Xperia Z2

There are two new Samsung tablets in the market which allow you to choose between an 8.4 and 10.5-inch display.

These are part of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S range of tablets that have just been released. Users of the iPad Air will be sorely tempted to abandon Apple for Samsung when they hear the specs the Tab S devices come with.

Well they will until the iPad Air 2, which is still in the assembly stages, is completed and launched. But while we can’t yet even begin to speculate on the features the new iPad will come with, we know what the Galaxy tablets pack in their arsenal.

What most gadget freaks want to know is how the Galaxy Tab S compares to the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet.

The Samsung bests the Sony in terms of the display, now that bigger and sharper is better. However, one can argue that the 10.5 inches of the Samsung are not much of an improvement on the 10.1 TFT screen of the Sony Xperia.

The game changer is in the resolution of the screens where the 2560×1600 pixel display of the Tab S gives the Sony Xperia Z2 a bloody nose.

Even though the Sony’s 1920×1080 resolution trounces the 1536p of the iPad Air, it is visibly less sharp than that of the Samsung due to the significantly lower pixel density.

As for design, it is purely a matter of personal preference although the Sony is lighter and slimmer.

The Tab S is heavier by 26 grams and looking at the dimensions, the Sony is a few millimetres wider but a touch thinner. What may sway you towards the Sony as you look at the exterior of both tablets is the waterproof casing of the Z2.

While you probably won’t be tempted to go typing texts underwater, you will be grateful if your tablet come out at the other end of an accidental spill unscathed. But if you find the square look of the Sony unbearable, you might have to forego the water resistance properties.

The more rounded edges of the Tab S are easier on the eye in my view, but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The firepower stakes are more or less even with both devices offering over 2 GHz of processing power assisted by 3 GB of RAM.

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