68 HTC One Gets Sense Update

The HTC One was an incredible device and still is by all accounts, though it was released last year.

Its 1080p display is still respectable and its Snapdragon 600 processor was aided by 2 GB of RAM which is still pretty much the standard for flagship phones currently in the market.

Its successor, the HTC One M8 may be available, but don’t feel bad if you can’t afford to upgrade; you can enjoy some of the features of the new HTC with your old one.

This is thanks to an upgrade that is currently being released through the different mobile operators in the UK. This upgrade allows you, the owner of the HTC One M7, to enjoy the power of HTC Sense 6.0.

The original HTC One came with the Sense 5.0 user interface which came with a number of great features, including BlinkFeed. This allows you to obtain live feeds from sources selected by HTC as well as others you wish to customise.

Together with these feeds will be updates from your social media accounts, all appearing on your home screen.

In the camera app was the Zoe feature that allows you to do interesting stuff with video footage shot from your phone. Sense 6.0 was obviously an upgrade on Sense 5.0 and improves on such issues as the less intuitive keyboard of the old UI.

It gives the phone a crisper and cleaner look as it presents you with bigger, less detailed icons and does away with the top clock and weather widget.

You also have more control over the look of the apps tray. You can select from different grid sizes, sort apps in alphabetical order or put them into folders.

A major departure between the older and newer version of HTC’s user interface are the Motion Launch gestures.

You don’t have to reach for the power button to wake up the phone from power saving mode with HTC Sense 6.0.

All you need to do is tap on the display twice.

If you swipe down the display, voice calling is automatically activated. To launch the camera app, you only need to hold the phone horizontally.

And it’s not just in the aesthetics where Sense has been improved. M7 users who upgrade to HTC Sense 6.0 will benefit from a longer battery life thanks to the extreme power saving mode. Shutterbugs will love the enhanced Zoe mode.

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