Leaked iPhone 6 Pics Show 5.5inch Design

It has been widely speculated and now almost taken as fact that Apple’s next flagship smartphone will come with two screen sizes; 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches.

For a long while all we had to go on were pictures of dummy phones; empty shells with no mechanics beneath. But then appeared the photos of Taiwanese former pop star holding the iPhone 5S and what he claimed was the iPhone 6.

Reliable sources confirmed that it was indeed the 4.7-inch screen iPhone 6.

Now yet more images have surfaced of this hotly anticipated device, but this time of both sizes of the phone. A picture of these two phones placed side by side was tweeted by an Australian blogger who has a reputation of providing accurate leaks in the past.

What is seen in Sonny Dickson’s Twitter account is an image of two white phones, one significantly larger than the other. Both phones look to be off and it is believed that they are mock-ups, like the initial pictures from China posted on nowhereelse.fr.

The picture goes some way to confirming speculation about Apple finally breaking away from its small-screen ethos with two big screen phones that will take on the phablets.

It is believed that the iPhone 6 will be released sometime in September or October in keeping with trends of previous launch dates of Apple flagship phones.

The 4.7-inch version of the smartphone will be the first to hit the market and the 5.5-inch version is expected to be launched a few weeks later. From the images from Dickson’s account it is impossible to tell what features the phone will come with other than the screen size.

But we do know from unconfirmed reports that the phone will come with a Sapphire glass display.

Fitting this sapphire display on the larger version of the smartphone was at one point thought to be going to delay the release of the phablet into 2015. This again is yet to be confirmed.

All this speculation, aided by strong promotional campaigns by Apple and by retailers, is thought to be augering well for the sales of the iPhone 6.

If the new iPhone is to follow the trends of previous iPhone sales, Apple will be happy.

What is more, analysts predict that the bigger version of the iPhone 6 will be very popular with Apple fans. Curiosity about what Apple can offer in the phablet arena will drive customers to demand this device.

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