LG G3 Prime Variant Set for August Release?

As smartphone users around the world are still waiting to lay their hands on the recently released LG G3, there is already plenty of hype brewing regarding a prime version of the phone.

By all accounts the G3 is a solid release by the Korean electronics firm, improving considerably on the praiseworthy G2.

Where the G2 was lacking in terms of software the G3 made up for it and took the display game more than a notch higher with its dazzling 5.5-inch 2560×1440 QHD screen. In terms of design the G3 wasn’t that bad either, more or less combining the laudable features of the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.

The only fault, that is not really a flaw, is the Snapdragon 801 processor the G3 has under its casing. This is a powerful engine in anyone’s books but the pre-release rumour mill has primed LG fans up for a device with a Snapdragon 805 CPU.

It therefore appears that LG was saving this super-fast processor for the prime version of the G3. According to Korean media, the upgraded LG flagship will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC processor.

This will work in tandem with a Qualcomm MDM9635 modem to guarantee users insane download speeds. If you are connected to a strong network, you will be able to enjoy speeds of up to 225 Mbps.

What is interesting is that the prime version of the G3, if it is indeed in the pipeline, is said to be headed for a July release, a matter of weeks after the G3 was released.

This means some potential buyers of the G3 might be tempted to wait just a little bit longer to have a phone with a bit more bite. It is worth noting that apart from the juiced up processor and great download speeds, there is little the prime version of the LG G3 promises users over what they will get in the original G3.

Depending on where you live you even might not have the prime G3 available for purchase. It is likely that there are some regions where this new phone will not be sold.

The name of the new LG is still unknown but word is that LG have filed a couple of names for trademarking, including G Prime. So the likely name for LG’s newest creation will be the predictable G3 Prime.

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