Galaxy S5 Premium : Latest update

As speculation continues to mount on the premium version of Samsung’s largely successful Galaxy S5, yet more images of this mysterious device have appeared on the Internet.

The pictures were posted on phone review site PhoneArena.

They are more or less similar to images seen earlier from other sources and show a black Galaxy S5 with a brushed metal case similar to the one on the gorgeous HTC One M8. Little else in the image shows a significant change from the features in the original S5.

However, the change in casing was a crucial step in appeasing Samsung fans who loved the power and performance of the S5 but were not pleased with its plastic finish.

While the polycarbonate cover was great for easy handling of the phone, users complained of its cheap, plastic feel, especially when compared with other recently released flagships such as the M8 and the LG G3.

It was thought that Samsung stuck to the plastic body because of the water resistance feature and to keep the phone’s cost down.

But now it is all but official that the Korean electronics firm will have a premium version of its flagship out in the market any day now to ensure its keeps pace with competitors.

Along with speculation on the features of this phone there has been plenty of natter regarding the phone’s name. For a time it was thought that it would be called the S5 Prime, and others thought it would be the S5 Active.

But it appears as if the Galaxy F tag will carry the day.

Going back to the PhoneArena pictures of the Galaxy F, you will notice that the phone, while sporting the sophisticated metallic look, does not have the unibody design of the HTC One M8.

The black case ends along the silverish edge of the phone which means you can easily pry open the cover and replace the battery should the need arise.

So the upshot is that you will have the premium feel combined with practicality.

You will also have a crisper display than the already brilliant HD screen that the S5 came with. The Galaxy F comes with a 5.3-inch 1440×2560 pixel QHD display that is sure to make watching movies on this device a joy.

You will also have a bit more power under the bonnet as the premium S5 will have a Snapdragon 805 CPU coupled with an extra gigabyte of RAM.

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