Mozilla Offer £15 Smartphone

For all those dying to enjoy the power of a smartphone but don’t have the up to £500 a number of the flagship phones being released today command, help is at hand.

Mozilla, the company that gave the world the Firefox internet browser, has just released plans to produce a smartphone that will cost just £15.

Potential smartphone owners on a budget should prepare for this phone’s release in the next few months.

Powered by Mozilla’s own Firefox operating system, this phone will come with a bare minimum of apps and a basic display. Mozilla has enlisted the help of Intex and Spice, both based in India, to lend a hand with the hardware side of things.

It will come with a processor built by Spreadtrum, a tech firm based in China.

Built to capture the low-income market, this phone offers great value for its price. You can browse the Internet, do your email and download apps besides running other functions like music, voice calls and text messaging.

However, with only 2.5G Edge capability, the Internet connection will not be as fast as you’re used to.

But considering the fact that the phone is targeted at markets where 3G penetration is low and LTE networks are yet to be installed, this will not be a concern to most buyers.

So confident is Mozilla of the demand for their stripped down smartphone that the company’s COO, Gong Li, announced that 10 million units of the device will be shipped in the coming 12 months.

Far from just targeting the Asian market, Mozilla has joined hands with Alcatel and ZTE to sell this Firefox-powered smartphone to markets in Europe. The £15 smartphone was introduced to the world at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February by Mozilla’s acting CEO Jay Sullivan.

Talking at a press conference during the event Mitchell Baker, one of Mozilla’s leaders said the phone was destined for users to whom aesthetics and super-fast performance were not a priority. “Imagine when you go to buy one of these devices that every Euro was precious to you.”

But even as Mozilla aims its offerings at the emerging markets, they will know that they are not without competition.

Android devices will surely come along sooner or later offering the same capabilities and price.

However, Mozilla has a bit of an edge in that its OS can run on far less memory than Android.

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