Sony Offers Xperia Z2 Ultra Teaser

Amid all the speculations of smartphones about to be unleashed (including the premium Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 6), Sony has thrown its hat into the ring with an announcement of a ‘next big thing’.

A tweet from the official Sony Xperia account issued this enticing statement “Shh…do you want to know a secret? Stay tuned for the next big thing this season.”

It is likely that the ‘big thing’ is the Z2 Ultra for a number of reasons.

One is that last year about the same time the Sony Xperia Z1 Ultra was released. And it really was a ‘big’ thing; with a 6.44-inch display, it was not only the biggest Sony mobile phone, it was the biggest Android smartphone in the market at the time of its release.

It fell more into the phablet category.

Accompanying the mysterious tweet was an image with a sidelong shot of the supposed Z2 Ultra.

All we can see from that angle are the camera shutter button, a power button and a volume rocker on slim edge. With the Z1 Ultra measuring a remarkably slim 6.5mm, I guess we can expect a similarly slim body for the Z2 Ultra.

Last year’s Ultra came with a Snapdragon 800 processor and this will likely be upgraded in the Z2 Ultra.

Though it is yet to be announced, this Ultra will also likely be IP58, both water and dust resistant.

It is assumed Sony will want to retain the premium feel that the glass-metal body of the Z1 Ultra gave it but we cannot say for sure that the same materials will be used.

The built quality and performance of Sony’s current flagship, the Xperia Z2, should give Sony fans good reason to hope for a top of the range device if it does arrive in the coming weeks as has been predicted.

This smartphone boasted a number of improvements over the Z1 released a year ago.

Among them was its dazzling 5.2-inch 1080×1920 display which has more or less become the bar for all smartphones entering the market. It also packed oodles of processing power in the shape of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor aided by 3 GB of RAM.

The device cam with 16 GB of onboard memory which could be bumped up to 128 GB via the microSD slot.

Looking back at these impressive features, Sony fans have reason to be optimistic about the Z2 Ultra.

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