Apple Iphone 6 sales set to break sales records

Apple’s flagship smartphone looks set to trounce its predecessor in sales despite it being a few months from its expected release date.

The iPhone 6, experts say, has sold 20% more units than the iPhone 5S, going by orders made for the device so far.

This for a phone that is widely expected to cost as much as $100 more than the iPhone 5S on release.

New features such as the more powerful camera and the bigger screen tend to hike production costs by up to $30 per unit. Analysts had projected a jump of 12%, but predictions of smooth production has seen the iPhone 6 surpass expectations.

Experts do not see Apple encountering difficulties in procuring materials for the manufacture of phones.

Many iPhone lovers see the iPhone 6 as the long-awaited opportunity to upgrade from their 3.5 inch iPhone 4S phones to one with a larger, crisper display.

They were far from convinced with the iPhone 5 upgrade to a 4-inch screen. But the latest in the iPhone line will enable faithful Apple customers to have a device with a display rivalling that of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z2, both of which boast screens of over 5”, while remaining loyal to their preferred brand.

But other than a bigger screen with sharper resolution, iPhone users will be in for many nice surprises when they pry open the box.

Still on the physical appearance of the phone, while the new iPhone will be significantly taller than its predecessor, it will also be significantly slimmer.

Leaked images from a site in China show the two phones on top of each other and the difference is clear. This will arguably make the device less chunky and more portable.

Users will also notice the lock button conveniently placed on the right side, making it easy to lock and power off one-handed.

Investors have reason to be optimistic that stagnating iPhone sales will be revitalised by Apple’s latest smartphone. They are hopeful that Apple’s best selling product will not repeat Samsung Galaxy S5 sales trends, which showed little if any growth over those of the previous S4 model. However, experts foresee that the rosy outlook for the iPhone 6 won’t be mirrored in the tablet department. A decline in orders for iPads is expected in the third quarter of the year.

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