Apple iPhone 6 Set for Bigger Screen Size?

Yet another valuable piece of information on the iPhone 6 is being gleaned from the vineyard concerning the eventual screen size of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone.

That the iPhone 6 will be made available in two screen sizes; 4.7 and 5.5 inches, has been accepted as fact for a few months now.

It is speculated that the 4.7-inch model will be released in the traditional launch month of September with its bulkier brother being released a few weeks later to the phablet market.

Both of these will represent a big step-up by Apple which has traditionally preferred to keep screen sizes small.

The last Apple flagship, the iPhone 5S had a 4.0-inch screen; modest when compared to competitors like Samsung who have more or less made 5 inches the de facto screen size.

Lending further credence to the rumours of a bigger iPhone 6 screen size is an update to the Xcode developer tool which was announced at the recent WWDC. The event heralded the arrival of an upgrade to the iOS 7 operating system, the iOS 8. It also saw the unveiling of a new version of the Mac OS; Mac OS X Yosemite.

The announcement of Xcode 6 largely went under the radar during the event but it gave another critical pointer of Apple’s intentions regarding the screen sizes of its latest iPhone and iPad. Part of Xcode 6’s features is an update to the iOS Simulator, a system used by developers to run tests on apps they’re coding.

The upgraded Simulator will allow developers to resize the simulated screen for different screen resolutions.

With screen sizes of mobile devices shifting with practically every new release, developers will be able to create apps that can function on any kind of display without loss in form or functionality.

This will help the California-based tech giant to better respond to the availability of Android apps on many different devices in the market.

Many an Apple fan has ditched their tiny-screened iPhone in favour of more generously endowed phones like Samsung’s Galaxy range for this reason.

It may be a bit late in the day but it seems Apple is finally listening to the market trends. And so the new Simulator will allow developers to make apps for different screen sizes.

According to one tweet, the simulator will give developers four options when developing apps; Resizable iPhone, Resizable iPad, iPad Air and iPad Retina.

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