HTC One E8 M8 Ace Specs and Release Date

If you want to stand out from the crowd, all you need is to place an order for the new HTC One E8.

This is according to Peter Chou, HTC CEO. Though he also says that the E8 which was launched less than a week ago is a combination of style and substance some things will be noticed pretty quickly by owners of HTC phones.

One is that in place of the sleek aluminium chassis that made analysts purr with praise for the One M8, the E8 comes encased in a polycarbonate case. However the rounded shape of the phone, which augers well for ergonomics, has largely been retained.

The change of material means that the E8 is available in more colours than the M8. While the M8 was only available in the business-like colours of bright silver, dark silver and pale gold, the E8 can be bought in a white, pink, blue or grey case.

This may serve to endear this model to younger mobile phone users. The E8 is also 15g lighter than its predecessor and this augers well for portability.

Nonetheless the E8 has inherited several features apart from the shape of the M8.

They include the Boomsound speaker system that has pleased critics and phone users alike.

Also in the E8 is the Motion Launch feature which allows you the user to interact with the device after it has gone to sleep without having to keep pressing the power button to wake it up.

The two HTC models are also similar in terms the RAM that they have. Both have 2GB or RAM to work with. Internal storage for both the M8 and the E8 is fixed at 16 GB but you can bump this up to 128 GB through the phone’s microSD slot.

The front-facing camera for these two HTC phones is similar and comes with a 5 MP sensor. The 5-inch display of the M8 is the same as that on the E8 and the clarity of the screen will be almost the same with both phones boasting a 1080p resolution.

But this is where the similarities end. Still on the camera, you will immediately notice that the 8 MP dual camera on the M8 has been replaced by a 13 MP single camera.

The phone will be in shelves in early June so you won’t have long to find out what it looks like and what it can do.

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