Samsung Galaxy W Could be Biggest Smartphone Yet

Samsung has taken it upon themselves to usher us into the phablet era with the 7-inch Samsung W.

The announcement of this phone, destined for the Korean market, comes on the heels of the revealing of the design for the Samsung Z, what will be the world’s first Tizen-powered smartphone, the Samsung Z.

From the pictures of the device it looks quite an unwieldy gadget to talk with.

Holding it, let alone operating it, with one hand will prove a challenge for a number of users. Those used to pocketing their phones will not think twice about overlooking this 16:9 aspect ratio device.

But preliminary reactions are not overwhelmingly negative, in fact a number of mobile users are excited about the phone’s size.

However, some are frustrated at a range of inadequacies from the lack of a stylus like the Note had to the relatively slow 1.2 GHz and its accompanying 1.5 GB of RAM.

The 720p resolution of the behemoth phone is also a disappointment to users looking forward to the 1080p that most high-end devices hitting the market come with.

Others still are grateful that Samsung thought of combining the functionality of a tablet with voice capability to save them the trouble of getting two separate gadgets. And if holding all seven inches of the Galaxy W to your face is too awkward, you could always use the hands-free kit. However, the overriding feeling is that while the Note III was reasonably sized, seven inches for a phone is overkill.

But the phone doesn’t look all that shabby.

It boasts a reasonably clear screen on which will have your pop-up videos and multi-tasking capability that will comfortably enable the simultaneous running of two or more apps side by side.

It will also come with the split-screen effect seen in the Galaxy Note III.

Avid mobile gamers will certainly have a reason to go and purchase the W.

When it comes to capturing those precious, or mundane, moments, you will have a 8 MP camera to count on.

And it comes with a faux-leather cover similar to what last year’s Galaxy Note 3 had.

Still this does not mask the inadequacies outlined earlier, especially the below-par specs.

In addition to processing power inferior to that of most flagship phones released recently, there is the fact that the Galaxy W runs on a lower version of Android. Instead of the most current 4.4.2, the W runs on Android 4.3.


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