Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Specs Revealed

Those who would like to have the power of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 in a more compact handset than the 5.0-Inch S5 will be happy to hear that rumours of the Galaxy S5 Mini are probably true.

In light of the latest information leaks about the Mini, fans of smaller smartphones can start preparing their wallets. Images of the Mini were spotted on Samsung’s Finnish website though the specs were not given. The name Mini is also not mentioned and the phone appears on the site under the model name SM-G800. It is not really much to hold on to as the page is more or less a placeholder.

However, information on the Mini’s specs has been leaked recently via SamMobile by an unnamed leakster.

Among these specs are some that have been heard before, meaning they are more or less a certainty on the S5 Mini.

The 4.5 inch display with a resolution of 1280×720 is one of these.

This is not too shabby for a compact phone.

What is not sure is the processor that will be making things tick underneath the hood. While the latest leak suggests this task will be performed by a 1.4 GHz Exynos 304 chip, earlier rumours talked about a Snapdragon 400 processor.

Whichever of the two will be the Mini’s CPU, it will be working in tandem with 1.5 GB of RAM and will have an internal storage capacity of 16 GB which can be expanded via the phone’s microSD slot.

Other features likely to be seen on the Mini when it launches include the 8 MP rear camera and the 2.1 MP front camera.

From images of the device, users can expect to find a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate sensor on the mini version of the Galaxy S5 like they will on the flagship phone.

That you will have a less expensive version of the S5 does not mean your phone won’t enjoy the security of biometrics or the benefits of the much-lauded S Health app.

Images of the phone have failed to clarify if the smaller S5 will be water resistant or not.

While a rubber gasket can be seen in the rear cover, the picture also shows no flap covering the USB port.

This feature obviously prevents seepage of water into the device and its absence casts doubts on the availability of IP67 waterproofing in the S5 Mini.

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