Iphone 6 European Release Scheduled for Mid September

It is nigh impossible to stop the inferno of speculation surrounding Apple’s latest flagship phone and further fuel has been added to it by a mobile operator in Germany.

Deutsche Telekom staff have been telling their customers to prepare for a September 19th release date by renewing their contracts, according to the Apfelpage publication.

They claim that they will make the iPhone 6 available to buyers on this date and that Apple Stores will also have the phone ready by then.

This date could well be accurate as the iPhone 5S and 5C went on sale at about the same time. It was also reported earlier that employees at Apple Stores in Germany were told they will not be given time off in September.

These rumours tally nicely with this latest twist in the long iPhone 6 saga. As many hands as available will be needed to cope with the deluge of eager buyers expected to flood the stores anticipating the arrival of the phone.

With all the leaked images of renders and dummies and speculation of features, anxiety will have reached fever pitch by September, justifying the Apple Stores’ decision.

It will be known to anyone with an interest in the iPhone by now that the latest in this brand will come with two screen sizes: the 4.7 and 5.5-inch versions.

It is still unclear if the two phones will be released simultaneously or if the 5.5-inch phablet will be launched a few weeks after the 4.7-inch phone.

What is sure is that we will be seeing the biggest ever screen on an Apple phone since they came into the market. It is also clear that the iPhone 6 will have a sharper display than all its predecessors, with gadget experts speculating about a 416 pixel per inch density for the 4.7-inch phone and 355ppi for the 5.5-inch version.

This will be a huge leap from the 326ppi of the iPhone 5S.

Under the hood the new iPhone will be powered by an A8 processor, an upgrade of the A7 that the iPhone 5S came with.

Apart from features to improve battery life, experts don’t expect that the A8 will be a significant improvement on the A7.

As regards price, you need to start saving hard if you would like to be an owner of the freshly released iPhone 6 when it arrives.

Analysts are speculating that its price could be up to £60 higher than that of its predecessor.

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