Iphone 6 Update More Pictures Released

Good news for Apple fans!

We have yet more updates on how Apple’s hotly anticipated flagship will look. From leaked images we have seen how much thinner the iPhone 6 will be than the iPhone 5S. We have also seen how much larger its screen will be.

The phone will come with two screen sizes, we have also learnt; a 5.5-inch monster and a more pocket friendly 4.7 inches. The fact that the phone is months away from its speculated September launch has not stopped iPhone fans and tech geeks in general from scouring the Web for any new details of the newest iPhone.

Happily the people at Techradar have taken it upon themselves to evaluate what we have heard of the iPhone 6 so far and give us their opinion on various features.

In the video one of the first things discussed is the shape of the new phone visa-v previous iPhone models.

The new iPhone will feature an upgrade in looks that will do away with the hard edges and replace them with softer curves.

And the geeks at Techradar agree that iPhone was long overdue for a facelift that would bring it more in line with products like the iPad Air.

The new slimmer, also more curvy iPhone is more ergonomic. If you’ve watched videos of the iPhone 6 or seen the pics of mock-up versions floating around the Internet you will have noticed that the new shape is not too dissimilar to that of the HTC One M8.

Both phones boast a shiny metallic unibody case. But due to the bigger bezels of the iPhone, HTC may not have to be too worried about the M8 being trounced in the looks department.

Perhaps at this point it is worth recapping what we know of the iPhone 6 so far.

We have mentioned the bigger screen, but the iPhone 6’s camera will also be an improvement on the iPhone 5S.

According to the rumour mill the new Apple flagship will come with a 10 megapixel camera with f/.8 aperture.

In the software department, it seems almost set in stone that the iPhone 6 will use the new iOS 8 operating system which is set to be launched tomorrow, Monday 2nd June, at the WWDC. All the pomp and fanfare aside, experts think the new platform will have few substantial changes on the iOS 7 which is thought to embody the most fundamental shift in the iOS line so far.

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