LG G3 Snubbed by High Street Brands

The LG flagship is now officially out but it has been met with a rather less cordial reception than the Korean phone maker would have hoped for, at least in the UK.

Just a day after its release, a number of leading mobile operators and retailers have announced that they will not stock the LG G3. Phones 4u, a leading retailer with hundreds of outlets all over the UK and the country’s biggest mobile network have so far confirmed that they will not be offering the G3 to their customers.

However, none of them has given a reason for giving the G3 the cold shoulder.

Industry experts have however offered their opinions why they think reception to this handset has been lukewarm. They say that LG chose the wrong thing as a differentiating factor between the G3 and other flagship phones.

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 has the S Health app and the HTC One M8 has sleek styling, the G3 has the QHD screen and the laser autofocus in the camera.

While the G3’s differentiating features might delight geeks, ordinary users cannot tell the benefit they’ll get from a 2560×1440 display.

The phone itself may not be the problem and indeed anyone who has ordered this smartphone will be impressed by the bells and whistles it comes with. Ranked against other flagship phones from competitors, the G3 can certainly hold its own, boasting a 5.5 inch screen with a 2560×1440 pixel display. In an age where bigger seems to be better in terms of screens, its size is impressive.

The resolution of the screen guarantees customers dazzling sharpness in images and text.

Beneath the casing is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU that offers processing speeds of 2.5GHz. The processor will work hand in hand with a massive 3GB of RAM. In terms of internal storage you will have 16 or 32 GB.

LG have worked hard to make the user interface on their flagship as easy as possible and the different features making up the UI are geared towards learning users’ habits so that they make operation even easier.

The phone, despite its size, is comfortable in the hand.

Users will also be mesmerised by the QuickCircle case which emits a white glow whenever the phone’s case is opened or closed. Looks aside, the G3 boasts a number of security features including a kill switch which allows you to disable or wipe your phone if it is stolen or lost.

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