Problems for T-Mobile Customers in Latest Galaxy S5 Update

An update of the Samsung Galaxy S5 software for T-Mobile subscribers was recently released to rectify SMS and MMS messaging issues but it appears that T-Mobile is making a U-turn about this change.

The update enhanced Android 4.4.2 with G900TUVU1ANE5 which was being distributed to device owners through Kies or over-the-air.

A simple message on the T-Mobile site said that “The Samsung S5 Gakaxy S software update to G900TUVU1ANE5 via OTA or Kies has been paused.

This post will be updated when further details are available.”

Details about exactly why the update is being put on hold are not yet available but Samsung users who had began using the update reportedly complained about other features on the phone malfunctioning after they upgraded.

These T-Mobile subscribers on 4G noticed that their LTE service has declined considerably with download speeds being severely affected since they performed the update. Their LTE coverage has also significantly decreased.

But the recall of the update has not put out the storm of speculation by T-Mobile users.

While some feel that the update is just a scapegoat for the mobile operators poor 4G network coverage, others feel that the phone itself is saddled with a poor antenna. This is because some users claim that even without the software upgrade they have experienced drastically reduced download and upload speeds.

Users who choose to get their Galaxy S5 handsets through T-Mobile should have little to complain about in theory.

Their phones come with a bare minimum of bloatware and even that is restricted to useful utilities that manage Wi-Fi tethering and voicemail and offer security from viruses while you’re online. The limited additional apps mean that you are left with about 11GB of internal storage.

This is a lot when compared with the S5 offered by Sprint which leaves you with just 9GB of the original 16GB the phone comes with as standard.

Few S5 customers will be discarding their phones in a hurry though as Samsung’s flagship phone has won users with its handy, waterproof design and incredibly fast performance.

The phone does not rank highly in the looks department and its lightness has been described as a ‘cheap lightweight feel’. But few users complain about the smooth way the Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB RAM handles multiple apps without noticeable lag.

The super-clear 5.1-inch HD display and the 16 MP camera are other features that will endear this phone to users.

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