Samsung Galaxy Can Now Measure Stress Levels? Firm Makes Claim

An update to the S Health app on the Samsung Galaxy S5 now makes it possible to measure stress levels, the Korean electronics giant says.

Using the in-built heart rate sensor, the phone can tell you if your stress levels are high or low.

But don’t fire your shrink just yet as the app will only tell you how stressed you are, not tell you what you need to do to get your health back in order.

Considering that Samsung themselves have made it plain that the S Health app is not designed for “clinical or medical use”, many are asking questions about the usefulness of this app. There is also no way of gauging how accurate the readings given by the heart monitor are.

So at the end of the day all you’ll have is a bunch of readings showing your periodic stress levels.

The S Health app boasts a number of other features besides the newly added capability to tell you how stressed you are.

This app, first of all was not introduced with the S5 or the S4; there was a rudimentary version of S Health on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

It all started with Samsung’s desire to meet the perceived need of customers to keep closer tabs on their wellbeing (Samsung insists that the health app was not an attempt to bulldoze their customers into becoming health conscious).

The mobile company foresees a huge demand for health apps in the not too distant future and wants to position itself at the forefront in supplying them.

And with the Gear 2 and Gear Fit smart watches, Samsung made it clear that it was in the fitness race for the long haul.

The S5 comes with the latest version of S Health, S Health 3.0.

Among the features this app boasts are a pedometer and measurements of how many calories you have burnt while taking a walk or a jog.

One of S Health 3.0’s main features was the Heart Rate Sensor which measures the user’s heart rate. It gets these numbers by measuring the number of heart pumps, the speed of blood and the interval between heart pumps.

Used with the Gear, this app can therefore provide users with valuable information on the state of their health while they are exercising.

In addition to this, S Health has a feature that can develop a fitness regime tailored to suit your lifestyle.

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