HTC M8 Prime Leaked

Not to be outdone by Korean rival Samsung, which is rumoured to have a premium version of its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, in the pipeline, HTC is reportedly working on an improvement to its own HTC One M8.

Dubbed the HTC M8 Prime, the phone will come with pumped up specs if serial leakers @evleaks are to be believed.

Among the titbits they have twitted is improved processing power in the shape of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU, an upgrade on the Snapdragon 801 of the original M8.

Users of the new HTC will enjoy their media from a bigger screen, a 5.5-inch WQHD screen imbued with a jaw-dropping 1440×2560 pixel resolution.

This also represents a step up from the 1080p screen on the HTC One M8. Still on the rumoured design of the M8 Prime, it seems HTC has picked a leaf from Samsung and Sony, whose latest flagships are water resistant.

While the new HTC smartphone appears to retain the glorious curves that had critics purring with praise, the material of the casing will be different. Instead of aluminium, the source of the leaked info says it will be a lighter, stronger material, an alloy of silicone and aluminium.

From the images availed by @evleaks we can see that the front-facing speakers are mounted as they were in the M8. HTC fans will be pleased to note that the Boomsound speakers have been retained as this is one of the features that endeared the phone to users.

It is being speculated by credible sources that the main motivation for HTC pushing the M8 Prime for launch this year was the fact that it wanted to have a Snapdragon 805 phone in the market.

This would level the playing field against Samsung and LG who will be releasing the Galaxy S5 and G3 respectively.

Both these smartphones are powered by the Snapdragon 805 processor and HTC wouldn’t want to be the only phone maker using a weaker CPU.

The processor will have 3GB of RAM to work with unlike the original M8 which features 2 GB of RAM.

Among other design features that have been retained is the Duo Camera at the back of the phone.

This is about all we know about the new HTC, assuming it is indeed being put together. We have no word on the kind of battery it will use, among other interesting features.           

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